How to reset user password ?
Please contact PM CARES for Children Technical support team at pmcares-children.wcd@nic.in. Team will respond with the updated password. User is requested to change the password immediately after logging in
How to resolve error related to IFSC code - ‘IFSC code not found’?
Please mail the following bank details to PM CARES technical support–
  • Name of the bank
  • Branch details
  • IFSC Code
  • State
  • District
How to edit an existing application ?
The functionality to edit an application has not been provided in view of maintaining data integrity and credibility. User may submit a fresh application with the correct particulars for further processing. Also, DCPUs have the provision to mark such erroneous applications as duplicate so that they may be considered for deletion. Duplicate applications will not be considered while computing the total cases in a district or the corresponding claim amount .
Where can I find the user manuals ?
The user manual for citizens may be accessed at -https://pmcaresforchildren.in/public/document/instruction/citizen.pdf .
How to contact CWC/DCPU of my district ?
The directory of CWCs/DCPUs can be downloaded from Resources section of the portal .
How to view the status of an application ?
The status of an already submitted application can be checked at https://pmcaresforchildren.in/viewapp.
What to do if we have lost our application number ?
Please contact PM CARES for children Technical team for further assistance in this regard.